Weird Products And Services You Can Buy On Taoboa

There is no doubt that Taoboa is one of the best online shopping sites in the world. The good side with it is that you can find almost anything. Of major importance are some weird products and services that you can find on the site. If you are wondering which are some of these weird products and services, here they are:

QQ instant messenger

QQ is the biggest instant messaging service in China. The service has a special offer for iOS users where it generates a special message that says “sent from QQ from iPhone”. This happens every time you send a message to someone.

iOS devices are symbols of personal wealth and when someone sees that you are sending a message from an iPhone or iPad, he/she has deep respect for you.

To buy the service you only need to contact a vendor selling the service. The vendor will collect your QQ account and password and log into your account and create messages for you. When the vendor sends messages to your friends, your friends will see that you are using an iPhone.

The good side with this service is that it’s cheap. This is because you only need to pay a monthly fee of only 5 kuai.

International trade leftovers

Since China is the world’s factory, many brands contact Chinese manufacturers to produce their goods. When the brands put in an order, they usually allocate more raw materials than needed.

This is to cater for any errors. If the extra materials are not used in producing the goods ordered, they are used to produce goods that end up in Taobao.

Although, these items tend to have minor flaws, they are of high quality and they come cheap. Some of the international leftovers that you can find at low prices are computers, phones, and plastic products.

International purchase agents

Some gadgets, toys, books and movies face harsh import laws thus tend to be expensive to buy in China and as a result many people prefer buying them from international sellers.

The problem is that many Chinese don’t have credit cards, and this is where the international purchase agents come in. Here the buyers send the money to the agents and they buy the products on behalf of the buyers for a small commission.

These are some of the weird products and services that you can buy on Taobao. To avoid being ripped off, always buy from a reputable seller.